Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp 2022

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Inspire your child’s creative side through acting, singing, dancing and art. Each week will feature a fun performance based on that week’s theme, which focuses on empowering campers through core values. We want to help you build what you care the most about your child. Daily components of camp include songs, games, team building skills, acting techniques, building of character and hands-on projects that will fully engage your child’s imagination.

Ages 7-13

Monday to Friday 9am-3 pm

Acting Classes

Acting Classes

Students will explore the “FUN”damentals of acting.

Acting helps build confidence and stretch the imagination. Students will gain spontaneity, strengthen social interactions and learn effective listening and communication skills while having fun. Students will experience the power of “Play” through character analysis, improvisations, scene work, cold reads, monologues and mock auditions.

Class levels will meet the needs of aspiring beginners, as well as experienced actors. The classes will develop and enhance a student’s potential as an actor, while nurturing his/her talents, creativity, and self-esteem.

Group Classes

Group Classes

60 minute-class

Perfect for those who want to have fun together, improve voice technique while starting to overcome stage fright.

$129 (monthly payment)

Real Singing!

Real Singing!


As human beings, we are constantly challenging ourselves and asking what we should and what we should not do. Among those things, our wishes keep an important part of these thoughts.

Usually, we are eager to develop those activities that make us feel better but sometimes our eagerness vanishes when we think we cannot be good at what we do without even giving these wishes a try.

Sometimes our own prejudices, others’ opinion about ourselves or disappointing previous experiences lead us to give up before even trying.

Now, speaking about our voices we have one phrase that puts everything together: WE ARE THE INSTRUMENT… for bad and for good… in the first case, our voices can carry bad feelings, among which we can count, as I said before, our own prejudices, fears, bad experiences, sad moments in our lives, things others have told us about our singing, etc. The good part is that we can reverse that! As with any other activity, a good technique can help you improve what you do and the voice is not an exception… Speaking about feelings, this is a little bit more challenging but fascinating and rewarding as well. When you start training your voice, many other processes can start or continue inside your mind, soul and heart and you will realize that every song is an opportunity to look at you facing the most magical and clear mirror: YOUR VOICE

At Vocal Roads, we are committed to help you stand in front of your own mirror, being by your side to guide your vocal and personal growth, immerse in a community that thrives to look at each other in the same way, knowing that we may have some differences in our everyday activities, beliefs, origins and tastes but we have one thing in common that makes all those “apparent” differences disappear… we are looking at our own mirrors trying to discover what we are, what we feel, who we want to be… which songs we are singing, and which songs we want to sing for our lives…




$189 (monthly payment)
A class for those who need to be alone because they believe this is the best way to develop their voices. Beginners, intermediate and advanced singers welcome.

Let’s Sing!

Let’s Sing!

We, adults, must also find a time for the things that make us feel good… Singing is a great option to express what we feel… check our column published by Our City Weston and make a decision that can change your everyday life for the better.

What’s singing for you?

What’s singing for you?

What´s singing for you?

This is quite an easy question to answer sometimes… I’ve found wonderful words from my

students each time I’ve asked this question: “Singing is part of my life… it makes me feel better”

“Singing is the way to say the things you want and you are afraid of saying when speaking”

“Singing makes me feel happy, relaxes me, it’s a connection with the real me”. And these answers

were given by many of my students who are not professional singers. Last week I also heard a very

simple answer when I was working at a Summer Camp in Southwest Ranches… to my question

“What songs are for?” one of the girls (9 or 10 years old) answered “To make us feel happier!”

Simple and but powerful.

When I meet these children, I can guess what their parents are like… they encourage their kids to

try different things, NO MATTER how good they are at them, NO MATTER if they will become the

next sports or music star… They just give their children all that is needed to give it a try and enjoy

those activities… We, as parents, understand that we have to provide for all our efforts (our

energy, our money and time) so our kids can enjoy their activities, can connect with themselves

and start or continue that trip to self-knowledge, no matter what the outcome may be, no matter

how “successful” they are in the future. We are all clear about this.

But… what is going on with us? I’ll refer to mothers right now. These days, when I’m asked about

our services at Vocal Roads, I try to explain as clearly as I can what our aim is… We provide for

voice lessons trying to redirect our students to a deeper learning, the one that has to do with

meeting your feelings, your emotions, your SOUL through voice technique, the same technique

that will lead you to have a healthy voice so you can keep on singing till you are very old… If we

achieve this together… VOILA! You will be able to express who you are through the repertoire you

choose and find as less obstacles as possible while singing thanks to voice technique.

Returning to my point, when I explain this, many mothers tell me that this was the place they were

looking for their children… they just want this! Find an activity that is loved by them but that can

also make them build their self-confidence, self-esteem and they don’t care if they become rock or

pop stars in the future… they just want their kids to feel better, to express themselves. We fully

agree, celebrate and schedule the free class! Great! We are in the same boat! But… when I ask

them “what about you? We have singing lessons for moms in the mornings, while your children

are at school so you can devote a little time to yourself without feeling guilty about leaving your

family” and the first words I hear are… “Oh, no! I’m a terrible singer!” “I actually bark, not sing!”

And then I explain that voice technique is a way of improving, as any other technique, and that

they could give it a try… and so I hear answers such as “It’s impossible to get my voice better” “Oh,

no! I need more than a miracle to sing well” and things like this…

I was wondering why it is so difficult for us to feel we are in the same position as our kids are…

Why can’t we just give any activity a try only to feel better, NO MATTER HOW GOOD WE ARE. Why

don’t we dare do something for ourselves that can make us feel happier? (as that wise girl told me

last week).

Many years ago in Argentina, a 57 year-old man started attending my lessons. In the first one, he

told me that he was a terrible singer (and actually he was not that terrible but did have some

problems keeping the right keys in songs) but he wanted to start training his voice a little bit more

because he wished to sing lullabies to his grandchildren in a more pleasant way (actually he told

me that he wanted to calm them singing, not make them cry!). It was a very beautiful experience

for me and he taught me a lot about the real aim in singing. So…What’s singing for you? Don’t you

think you can have a space of your own or maybe share it with one or more friends? Don’t you

think that you can start singing lessons just to feel better, just to give it a try NO MATTER HOW

GOOD YOU ARE? Don’t you think it would be a very powerful example for your kids… You will be

telling them something and doing the same thing in the practice for you. And this applies to ANY

activity… maybe it is not singing but any other thing what will make you feel better, happier, more

relaxed and eager to connect your mind and your feelings.

So, again… what’s singing for you? A goal or a path? A destination or a road? An end or a bridge?

At Vocal Roads we believe singing is a path, a road, a bridge to your soul… If your answer is the

same one, then… we are in the same boat.