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About Singing Lessons

At Vocal Roads, our singing classes are designed to be more than just music lessons – they are a transformative journey for your voice and soul. We believe that the human voice is a unique instrument, and we have created an environment dedicated exclusively to its exploration and refinement. With a strong belief that singing goes beyond technique, we promote a sense of belonging and passionate training regardless of age or skill level.

What You'll Learn

When you embark on a singing journey with Vocal Roads, you’re signing up for more than just vocal technique lessons. Our programs go beyond the mechanics of singing – you will uncover the power of your voice as an instrument that can express who you truly are. Our classes are tailored to coach all ages and skill levels, through all genres. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced singer, our programs will guide you in harnessing the beauty and authenticity of your voice to create a lasting impact through song.

The Way We Teach

Unlike any other instrument, the voice is not man-made; it’s a natural wonder that deserves an exclusive space for its growth. Our singing classes provide precisely that, a safe space for your voice to evolve, guided by experienced instructors who are passionate about both the technical and emotional aspects of singing. Through classical technique, which has been recognized for its effectiveness in preserving the durability and well-being of vocal cords over time, you will refine your singing abilities but also develop a profound connection with your inner self.

Private (45 Min) ...... $209

Group (60 Min) ...... $149

Monthly Lessons Include

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