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Singing Lessons

Group classes

Group classes

60 minute-class for not more than 4 or 5 students
Perfect for those who want to have fun together, improve voice technique while starting to overcome stage fright.




A class for those who need to be alone because they believe this is the best way to develop their voices. Beginners, intermediate and advanced singers welcome.

Semi Private (2 students)

Semi Private (2 students)

A good opportunity to share a unique space with someone you choose. (Best friends, couples, siblings, mothers or fathers and children).

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Lili was really important in my life. She was by my side while I was making the most important decisions, especially when I decided that I wanted to make a living with music

Mariana, 28 years old

When I began attending singing lessons I was afraid of losing my voice’s identity, but Lili taught me that vocal technique not only enhanced it but it also added soul, spirit and body to my voice

Facundo, 26 years old

Sharing music with my family is awesome! Sometimes, after dinner, instead of watching TV, we grab the guitar and sing together… It’s amazing and we love it!

Aldo, 57 years old

I’ve realized that vocal technique helps me feel more confident about what I want to do… express my feelings while I’m singing

Belen, 21 years old

I’ve found these amazing friends attending singing lessons. Having music in common makes us forget about our differences and face our happy and sad situations in life together

Andrea, 25 years old

This is not only about technique… it also involves a psychological part and you are invited to develop it, which is great!

Agustin, 20 years old

About Us

Who we are


Vocal Roads aims to provide for a unique experience of meeting one´s voice which, together with our programs of workshops and vocal technique, will lead each student to achieve a real meeting with his or her soul and spirit. This ambitious but amazing aim is developed in a cozy and professional atmosphere where teachers and students seek for a real path to develop the best of their essences as human beings.

We believe that offering a whole center devoted to the most wonderful instrument ever created is not only useful but necessary as well.

Due to the fact that the voice is the only instrument not created by the human being, in Vocal Roads we understand that it must be developed in an entire and exclusive place, where we can pay attention to the wide range of the circumstances and situations that condition and/or enhance its study and experience.

In Vocal Roads we are determined to deliver an intense and fructiferous encounter with our whole beings within a space where our students of all ages are encouraged to meet and share their passion for singing, notwithstanding their experiences and abilities, achieving a sense of belonging to a group of people who are in constant search of getting to know themselves better in soul, spirit and body.

Vocal technique together with our varied programs of workshops will surely lead our students to what we believe is the real aim in singing… express who we are through songs

Who we are

Who we are

We are a group of teachers devoted to the study of the voice.

Liliana Sanchez Quintana, director of Vocal Roads, was born and raised in a musical environment mainly because of her father. She has always been an active participant in important choirs in Buenos Aires, Argentina since she was a little girl. Her teachers were worldwide recognized singers graduated from Teatro Colon. After moving to Guatemala because of the husband’s professional career, she continued to develop her voice technique with the most important teachers there and also sang actively as a soloist in different theatres such as IGA and Teatro Nacional de Guatemala.

After returning to Argentina, she fully devoted her time to being a teacher where she continued to be attending workshops and classes on voice teaching, speech and language therapy and repertoire.

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