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Reach The Soul of Your Voice

Vocal Roads isn’t just a school – it’s a friendly space where you will find the true connection between music and your soul. No matter your age or skill level, everyone is welcome here! In our fun lessons and activities, people come together to share their love for music, performance, and ability to make an impact in their environment.

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About Us

Here to Help You Discover The Harmony Within

At Vocal Roads, we’re all about helping you discover the strength within you and become an Orange Soul. Through all aspects whether it be lessons, performances or summer camp, we guide you through a journey to meet your true self and your responsibility to make this world better. Our cozy and professional place is where teachers and students work together to become the best they can be.

Our Lessons

What We Teach

Explore our range of lessons that empower you to express your authentic self



Unleash the potential of your voice as you receive expert guidance in all genres from our dedicated instructors



Work on stage presence, improv, creating characters, auditioning and enhance your ability to convey emotions through your performances



Master the strings on this versatile instrument, whether it be ukulele, acoustic or electric, jam with melodies that resonate with your soul



Unlock the keys to harmonious expression and the captivating sounds of the piano. Build on your coordination and interpretation of music that speaks to you



Embrace rhythm and syncopation as you discover the dynamic interplay between your percussive beats and exposing your passion for music

Music Theory

Music Theory

Deepen your understanding of the language of music. Enrich your musical journey with knowledge of all the possibilities music allows

Our Camp Programs

Summer Camp Programs

Explore our enriching camp programs, where young voices learn self-esteem, leadership, courage, and empathy all through the arts

Day Camp at Vocal Roads

Dive into a summer of melodies, friendships, and fun! Our day camp programs offer an unforgettable musical and essential values adventure right at our center

Sleep-away Summer Camp

Immerse into our core values through all aspects of your day, from musical campfires, to singing and acting, to team building games, to bedtime. A place where voices soar and connections flourish under the starlit sky

Got Questions?

Ready to explore the musical journey with us? We're here to answer any inquiries you may have. Reach out today and let the adventure begin!

Why Choose Us

We Give You The Best Place To Learn

Ample Spaces To Learn

Personalized Teaching & Scheduling

Family Environment

Expert Teachers

Become An Orange Soul

The Orange Soul Philosophy

We want to change the world and we want to be contagious enough that you will believe with us that you can change it too! Having the power to use our voices for good and making a positive impact is what makes an Orange Soul essential to the world. It doesn’t take much to become an orange soul just courage, empathy, kindness, and love.

This is Why We Do What We Do

What Our Students Say

Hear what our students have to say after joining the family

They really believe in community building and helping kids see their true potential. Since I’ve been here I have become stronger, more confident, and proud of what I can do.

    Andrea Martinez

    Happy Student

    Being a student of Vocal Road for 3 years I can confidently say you will NOT find another place to match the way they harness your potential and keep the love for music alive. Best years of my life!

      Ricardo Diaz

      Happy Student

      Vocal Roads encourages its students, me included, to step out of our comfort zones. I love the classes because you get to connect with more people that share common interests and also form a bond with your teachers. My favorite part of going to vocal roads is definitely how personalized everything is, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

        Lucia Valdes

        Happy Student

        Vocal roads is so much fun and it became one of my favorite places to spend time in. Both acting and singing classes always make me laugh and I always learn new things every time I go. The teachers are the sweetest people and recitals are always something I look forward to. I’ve been there since I was 6 and it’s really helped shape who I am today. I love Vocal Roads.

          Mariana Sarria

          Happy Student

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